Fishing Kayaks - Stealth ProFisha 475

Recreational Fishing is one of the popular hobbies among the Australians. Fishing using our kayaks can make the fun double. We offer Largest range of fishing kayaks from basic to the most advanced, Paddle, Pedal or Motor.

We provide various type of fishing kayaks to give you best Fishing Kayak experience. Our different types of fishing kayaks vary with different type of features. For example some of kayaks has paddle holder while other has rod holders.

Look below to see our different types of fishing to see which one suit your style and needs. All our fishing kayaks are stable and needs low maintenance ones. Our Sunshine Coast shop with it's indoor test pool so you can try before you buy.


The Pro fisha 475 is the smallest size kayak in our Pro Fisha range. This model was designed for speed and performance but in a smaller size kayak so as to keep it lighter and a little more manageable. In conjunction with these design features we also wanted to make a Pro Fisha model that would manage the surf a little easier and be more maneuverable. In order to do this we needed to make the kayak smaller with a little more rocker, but not too small or else we would lose the speed factor.

The design of this model allows the kayak to have excellent turning abilities, a more prominent rocker for better wave riding ability and being constructed with epoxy based resins and CNC technology it allows us to keep it super strong and lightweight. Designed for the smaller angler we reduced the volume of the kayak to make it the lightest Pro Fisha in the range.

Designed for performance as well as being light & maneuverable the Pro Fisha’s have been well received all over the world.



Best Feature:
Speed & Performance
Freshwater and Open Ocean
Length: 4.75m
Width: 0.605m
Weight: 24kg
Max Angler Weight: 95kg
Capacity: 155kg