Life Jackets, Lights, Flags, Safety - Waist Belt PFD


In most water in and around Australia you are required by Law to wear a Standards Approved Life Jacket such as this one. In NSW and VIC any single kayak must wear one at all times, rules vary in other states and it gets a bit complex, but when its as uninstrusive and comfortable to wear as this why would you not stay Safe and Legal.

The Resolve inflatable waist belt PFD gives you the freedom you need for long SUP paddles plus the safety a PFD. Please make sure to familiarise yourself with the operation of inflatable PFDs before use.
It remains compact and out of the way while paddling or fishing, then in the event you swim and need it, you open it out, slip it over your head and pull the inflation tag.

Way less bulk and much cooler in summer months


One Size Fits All.

  • AS4758.1 LEVEL 150
  • Multifit
  • Hi Vis Orange
  • Inflatable (manual only)
  • 33 gram Co2 Cylinder
  • Self Scrutineerable